„He still adores it,“ a guy says as he holds his paraplegic dog in his arms to feel the rain


„I will care of you till my last breath, my sweet tiny baby,“ he stated, who will be around for his beloved pup for an eternity, Alvin, who had a stroke and is unable to stand up as he used to.

„I will look after you to the death, my baby,“ stated Agea, who will always be around for his furry buddy, Alvin, who suffered a stroke and can’t stand up.

Taking care of a pet is a significant responsibility, much like bringing up a child, because it is a living thing that is fully dependent on the presence of its human.

That is why, if you have a furry buddy at home, you must realize that there will be pleasant and unpleasant times, but the most important thing is to always be with him.

As a consequence, professional pet caregivers will do all possible to guarantee that their pet enjoys life, even if his body no longer responds as it once did.

Agea of Brazil does this because she is anxious about simply living her normal life after her pet suffers a seizure.

Alvin, his doggy, enjoyed jumping in the rain and playing in the water.

Thus, he carries him in his arms, regardless of the fact that he can no anymore walk or stand so that the creature can feel the water running on him.

This is seen in a video shared on his Instagram account, in which you can enjoy the moment when the doggie falls to the floor while walking, but his father immediately rushes him, holds him in his hands, and lifts him up so that he can feel the raindrops.

„He used to love jumping through the rain and soaking in the water, and he still does.“

She wished to revisit a good memory after everything had happened. My child, I will watch after you till the end.

„I want to thank my adorable, warmhearted wife for taking awesome and amazing care of him,“ he said in the post.

While the pup was still able to play outside, he left a message for all animal parents.

„Cherish your sweet tiny baby before he grows old or sick, as he outgrows it too fast.“

This video is two years old; he got elderly, does not walk properly, and had a stroke,“ he added.

„As a consequence of the attack, he lost movement on his left side, as well as his sight, and is gradually and steadily relearning how to use his legs.“

„He was getting therapy with one specialist and acupuncture with another; he will come back shortly as it is extremely, highly useful to his recovery,“ he remarked.

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