A pup that had been locked in a room for almost a year showed rescuers his teeth


According to ilovemydogsomuch, people keep treating pets as if they were just items they no longer required.

And they have the right to do whatever they want like they are playing toys.

An assault case involving a doggie that had been shut up in a room and left alone required the assistance of canine rescue.

The poor beast had been there for a year and a half and had turned vicious from being alone and caged.

The doggie barked and growled at rescuers through some wooden boards covering one of the windows as they neared.

How could a doggie raised in such a way not become hostile and rude?

Since someone had ruthlessly abandoned him and left him without anything, he had not interacted with any people.

The doggie was also put on a leash within this chamber, much to their disgust.

For the first time in years, the group was able to get him out and into the light.

They were forced to use a cage to restrain the doggie since he was still behaving out, making the move as safe as possible.

Thunder has transformed into a very joyful and affectionate guy in only a few short days since returning to the shelter!

The doggie is pleased while waiting for his forever home since he is aware that these individuals are here to assist.

He started to believe in people, trust people again and give them a chance.

We hope he will find the right people and they will shower him with love and light only. Never again!

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