Dumped with her teddy bear the pup finds her person who will never abandon her


Ellie, a one-year-old Blue Lacy, resided with her family in Dallas until they felt she wasn’t worth keeping.

According to ilovemydogsomuch.tv, they dropped her at the sanctuary with her stuffed animal, and she merely stayed there clutching to it, not understanding what was happening.

Just weeks before dumping her, the family went to the hassle of having her sterilized, chipped, and all of her essential vaccines.

She was now alone in a loud and frightening sanctuary that euthanizes for having room when necessary.

Luckily, she didn’t stay long. Jennifer, an individual doggie rescuer located in New York, discovered the doggie through an internet search.

She then called her brother in Florida, who was seeking for a pup to foster.

Her buddy drove to take her to a pet shelter so she could ensure the documentation was in place and the doggie could have a wash.

She stayed the evening there before being transferred to an adoptive family in Florida. She felt happier in her own house, but she still clutched her teddy.

Even when the foster parents attempted to photograph her without her bear, she crouched in terror.

When she was handed the bear back, she took a hold of it, as though she didn’t want to lose it again.

But then the day came for her to see her new father! TWD Transport transported the cute, sweet girl from Texas to Florida.

The dogie was exhausted after a long journey, but Daddy intended to spend a whole day with her to help her feel better and feel at home.

After a lifetime of tumult, she would need some time to properly settle down.

Jennifer knew deep down that this was the ideal spot for the doggie and her stuffed toy, and it reflected!

She cooled down and began to unwind after obtaining tons of adoration and care from her new daddy who would never dream of abandoning her as her previous one did.

Here’s to a fresh new start! After everything that happened to this beautiful soul, deep down she believed they will love her again.

She has a daddy now who is ready to get the crashed pieces of her soul together.

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