A devastated doggie found alone on a bus requires a happy home after no one cared to look for her


A lonesome passenger was scooped up by the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire the other week.

In Bierely, an orphaned Staffie-mix got on the bus and sat lonely, hurting everyone’s emotions.

She remained calmly in her chair, her face mournful, sniffing the air as if yearning for someone who wasn’t present.

Her seatmates took care of the lonesome tiny vagrant until the bus came to its end destination and the attendants could take her off.

She was then transported to Cliffe Kennels, where she was officially named Olive and cared for until her owner arrived.

Nevertheless, time went without anyone stepping forward to take her; she appeared to be completely by herself in the universe. But her fortunes were about to change.

Gemma, who had ridden the bus with her, had taken a photo of the sad-looking dog and uploaded it on media platforms with the goal of reconciling her with her family.

Her message rapidly got a lot of attention, with hundreds of shares on Fb and the tale picked up by several news outlets.

People from all across the globe were offering their sympathy and wishing for a perfect ending for her.

That joyful ending appears to have arrived. While Olive’s previous owner has yet to come up, countless individuals have indicated their want to offer not just their hearts, but also their houses to her.

Denise, the director of Cliff Kennels, believes she will be transferred to her new place shortly.

Olive’s perfect outcome might signal a new beginning for numerous more lonesome puppies.

While she can only be adopted by one household, there are many more animals that are seeking for a permanent home.

She wishes that those who were unable to get her may try visiting one of Yorkshire’s rescue centers and fostering another one.

Her lonely days are nearly over, and we are confident she will be content in her new permanent place full of love.

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