Helpless pup walks 20 miles twice to return to the family that placed her for adoption


Animals‘ devotion never ceases to keep us speechless. This tale of a doggie that did everything she could to rejoin her previous family simply goes to prove how dedicated they can be.

Cathleen, the pet’s name, is a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. The pet’s owners relocated to Seminole, where they now live in a house without a fenced-in yard.

Her parents were forced to give her up to a household in Prague, a city 20 miles distant from Seminole.

Cathleen adored her family and loved them so much that she resolved to act immediately and return to her childhood home.

She went from Prague to her former home in Seminole last winter. The devoted dog went 20 km in the bitter cold.

It was a long and tough voyage for a doggie to merely visit her former family.

Regrettably, the family was not as faithful as her, thus she was returned to Prague.

She was so eager to see her former parents that she repeated the 20-mile hike after several days.

Frustrated by her adventures, the new family abandoned her and took her to the Humane Society.

She was fortunate in that her tale got popular, and she was able to find a loveful family from Texas who opted to foster her.

Canines are extraordinarily devoted animals, and her journey to find her family is a perfect illustration of how faithful puppies can be.

She went 20 miles from Prague to Seminole on a 40-degree (4°C) day simply to see her family.

Her story, unsurprisingly, touched the hearts of people. People look for the type of devotion that a doggie like this sweetheart might readily provide.

People admire her for going through enough simply to be with her people, demonstrating how caring and devoted the doggie is.

She was fortunate to find a permanent family in Texas, where she will stay with four doggie sisters and brothers.

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