To bypass car accidents, Finland is painting reindeer antlers with reflective paint


Driving at night may be risky, particularly if there are wild creatures. When you’re moving quickly down the road, it’s nearly hard to see one in your way until it’s too late.

This is a problem in Finland, where 4,000 reindeer are said to perish annually from car accidents, costing the country $18 million in losses.

Therefore, it was time for someone to make some moves and make it stop. In order to get a way out of that situation, the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association was motivated.

Spraying the creatures with reflective paint struck out as one of the most straightforward but brilliant solutions.

The animal is basically given a high- perceptibility clothing believing that they would beam when the light flashes them, increasing the likelihood that a driver will detect them.

According to Anne, chairperson of the RH Association, „the spritz is being tried on fur at the present, but it may be much more successful on the horns because they are visible from every aspect.“

The organization claimed that „[the horns] attracted extensively over the world and was the best promotion thus far.“

Although there are certain issues with the item’s usefulness and longevity, product innovation is still going on.

The organization is given full credit for all images. This is a fantastic idea for these poor creatures to be safe and secure.

Drive safe! Be attentive and get home safe and sound! Share this awesome news with your loved people to lighten their day and fill it with only positive and good vibes.

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