A young girl costumed as Red Riding Hood and her „big naughty wolf“ Husky are so charming that they have rapidly gained popularity


Because of their wonderfully lovely outfits, this little girl and her husky have gone viral on social media.

Agata, the girl, was costumed as the traditional fairy heroine Baby Red Riding Hood during Carnaval in Italy. So cute and charming!

This sweet little cutie was a gorgeous image in her own sense, but her partner added to the atmosphere; her magnificent pup, Yanuk, was dolled up as the Big Bad Wolf.

He was costumed as the naughty wolf, presenting himself as the girl’s grandma. It almost seems too adorable to be real.

They look super cute and marvelous! The pup wore a violet scarf and was accessorized with a tiny hat and a set of read spectacles.

The good child seemed like he’d merely walked out of a fairytale, and he went wonderfully with this cutie’s charming outfit.

They are the prettiest Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf we’ve seen before, and it’s no surprise that everyone is smitten by the combination.

They both look incredibly good in their outfits. They appear to have a terrific bond, and the tiny girl is fortunate to have such an adorable and caring buddy by her side.

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