It appears that baby owls doze off face down because their heads are too heavy


Even the most mundane tasks may be made cute by creatures.

This time, it’s baby owls that have us saying „awww,“ and it’s all because of the adorable way they sleep.

It seems that young owls sleep facing down because their heads are too large and hefty to fit inside of their little bodies at birth.

I just learned that young owls must sleep with their faces down because their heads are too weighty.

In addition, I don’t recall ever seeing owl feet before. They look so adorable and sweet with those legs!

Though other people believed it to be too charming to be real, this lovely find was rapidly shared on Twitter. So precious!

Nevertheless, as soon as additional people started posting corroborating content with sleeping owls, these reservations were swiftly dispelled.

We are overjoyed to see that these adorable newborn birds truly do sleep facing down!

Naturally, when the owls age, their bodies finally „make it up“ with their absurdly large heads and let them sleep upright.

People from all around the world are getting a good giggle online at the view of these dozing cutie heads after the face-planting owls suddenly went popular.

The drowsy baby owls are amusing and relevant to people.

Share this sweet and fun fact with your friends and family, and your loved ones to make their day and fill it with only good and positive vibes.

Show some to these precious creatures, they deserve it, no?

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