Baby zebra and rhino that were both orphaned have cured one another and can’t stop snuggling at night


Meet Daisy and Modjadji, two unexpected pals at the Care For Wild Rhino Refuge who are aiding one another in their healing reports pintiks.

Just a few hours old, sickly, and abandoned, she was discovered in South Africa’s Kruger Park.

She was sent to the acute care setting of the nearby shelter, where the caregivers took care of her as she recovered.

She needs round-the-clock attention, involving feeding and therapies to keep her immune function and body temperature at safe levels.

Her soon-to-be best buddy arrived shortly after she was hospitalized.

„Modjadji was brought to the sanctuary’s ICU at the close of November after being discovered immobile and hardly breathing on the preserve following severe rainfall and storms, „Louwhen informed The Dodo.

„He was considered to be only a week old,“ the refuge’s media contact explained.

The couple rapidly got close and became one another’s home. „As they became larger and bolder, their fascination got the better of them, and they began connecting with one other,“ he explained.

„Hippos are extremely gregarious creatures who crave company.“ She enjoys his companionship and finds him to be quite loving.“

„At night, they snuggle closely, which offers her comfort and security.“

He is a companion who can be with her 24 hours a day, which aids in preventing her from having too much human interaction.“

They look so sweet and adorable together. Such sweethearts!

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