They were going to euthanize the sweet dog, but one hug saved her life…


They rescued a dog named Esther at the best exact time. She had been rescued from the factory under terrible conditions and it was obvious that Esther had been treated very badly. She was isolated in an extremely cruel way.

As a result,she always tried to hide when she saw people or when people tried to approach her. Poor doggie..
The bad thing is that dogs like Esther are mostly euthanized, but the rescuers saw her and decided to do everything they could to prevent that.

So they decided to put together and run a program they called “the Prison-Trained K9 Companionn“. Its purpose is to allow prisoners to rehabilitate and also to prevent such horrific cases of abuse. It had two great goals at the same time.

One prisoner was responsible for Esther’s rehabilitation. His name was Jason Mayo.

And guess what? He just did an amazing job and raised the dog in such a way that her transformation amazed everyone. That was exactly the result that the creators of the program were waiting for. It was just a miracle.

Esther wanted to hug and shower her master with endless kisses. Their contact played a great role in both of their lives. We thank everyone for such a wonderful initiative.

The previous shy dog has completely transformed into a very sociable and people-loving dog.

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