The wonderful nurse adopted the dog of her patient, who sadly had an incurable disease


This is not the first time that we are talking about Kimberly Steele, who is a wonderful person and has been a nurse for four years.

She likes to help people very much and tries to do everything to make them feel calm and safe. but along with all that, she could never have imagined that one of the patients would change her life so drastically.

Recently, she cared for a terminally ill woman . The patient always shared with Steele that she was most worried about her Chihuahua, Jax.

After learning about it, Steele promised the woman that she would do everything so that the dog would not be alone. The point is that the patient had no children or other relatives who could take care of the dog, who had always been by her side for many years.

She often talked about her beloved Jax, expressing concern about his future.

Sadly the last days of her life were approaching. A few days later, the woman died and they had to give Jax to a shelter. So after learning about it Steele decided to do something about it.

SHe was very anxious and obliged to help.So she decided to go to the shelter and adopt the dog. She had absolutely no plans to adopt a dog at the time, but it was something she called fate.

She also has another dog and when Jax came to her house they immediately became wonderful friends.

The DAISY Foundation was so impressed upon hearing this story that they decided to present Steele with the DAISY Foundation Award, which she definitely deserved.

She does her work with all dedication and defintitely deserves the best.

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