After being rescued the dog was totally weak and unresponsive but then a miracle happened


The Good Samaritan was walking when he found a bundle on the side of the road.

The bundle was a blanket that turned out to contain a puppy. The little puppy was already starving to death and only his skin and bones remained. The kind man rushed him to the nearest clinic to get the necessary help.

It was clear that Harris had not ended up like this by accident, but had been cruelly abandoned. He was severely abused. How can someone be so cruel and hurt such a beautiful creature?

We animal lovers will never understand that. Fortunately, there are many kind people in this world who are ready to leave everything and help those in need.

Harris is a very brave dog that despite everything he went through, he is one, he didn’t give up and decided to fight till the end. He was going after his happy life…

They immediately began to treat his wounds, after which he was given intravenous fluids and pain medication.

The volunteers did everything to make him feel calm and safe. Harris was still not responding well, so one of the volunteers decided to sleep next to him to provide support.

After a few days, he was finally able to move on his own and raise his head to eat . Harris took his first steps, surprising his volunteers with his new achievements every day. They called the boy a miracle and it is true.

The dog that couldn’t even walk on his own is now RUNNING.We are so proud of you, Harris. You gave us endless smiles and we are sure that soon you will find your perfect home.

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