After meeting each other 2-year-old girl decided that the deaf pup should become their family member


After meeting the pup who was also deaf she decided that he should be a member of her family… The dog, having reached Tom’s house, immediately fell down. He was so exhausted that he could not even walk.

After being rescued, he slept for a day and a half. Tom knew it would absolutely take some time to recover. The day he was rescued, Tom named him Moz and when he got up, It was clear that the baby needed a good shower immediately.

After Moz entered the bathroom, he just relaxed and was so happy that maybe it reminded him of heaven. Tom bathed him with care and in such a short time the dog already trusted him completely. His enthusiasm was simply priceless. You can endlessly look at this sweet face.

Tom’s other 3foster dogs also took to the new member of their home wonderfully and began to care for Moz. Moz played with them, walked around the neighbourhood, slowly adjusting to it all showing his sweet personality.

Tom and his dogs go for walks together so much that the people from neighbourhood all know them and always smile and greet them when they see the adorable doggies.

One day they were walking again when they passed the house of Lauren and her daughter Lillian, who was only 2 ears old. The little girl saw Moz from the window and just said „hello“ to the sweet pup. When she looked at Moz, she just got so excited that went out to join them for a walk.

They were so adorable, both little ones. It was such a perfect match, such an adorable duo! One day Tom decided to leave Moz with Lillian and go to work. When he got home he saw them sitting there and Moz was right there next to the little girl and they looked like they were having a great time.

Lillian’s family also took care of the sweet dog for a few weeks as Tom had to leave for New Mexico on a business trip. Lillian was so happy for her new friend. She was more than excited to spend more time with him.

The pup was also very happy following her wherever she went. Lillian’s mother always sent Tom videos of her daughter and Moz. It was an inexplicable connection between them.

When he returned home, Tom and Lillian’s mother decided to discuss the situation and decided that Moz could become part of their family. Soon Moz was on his way to his new home, where the sweet girl and her family were waiting for him with open arms.

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