The tired dog swimming in the water 130 miles away from shore gets rescued by oil platform workers


Alongside all the bad and negative things happening in the world there is always a place for positive and good. And it always seems that no matter how bad and tragic like can situation get there is a hope of good for sure.

Humans and pets being saved and getting the second chance in life is something really amazing.

Such kind of story happened when a poor pup was swimming 130 miles away from the shore and it seemed that everything was gone, people at the oil drilling platform noted something moving in the water.

One of the workers worked creatively and grabbed his camera taking pictures of what he saw.

As they mentions it was the dog’s lucky day, as the weather was calm and they were able to notice the dog’s head otherwise he wouldn’t even be seen.

They were thinking up ways of saving the animal and understood that they were running out of time as the waves were getting bigger and bigger.

So they decided to tie a rope around his neck and pull him into the shore. But the dog was not doing anything as he was totally exhausted.

Now the dog was given all the care and love he needed and feels a lot better than before. After that he was taken to vets to be tested and checked to see if everything was alright with him.

The man that saved him announced that he is going to spend lots of years with him. The puppy was given the name Boonrod, that means donation for good luck.

This story is called miracle and it comes to prove that no matter how bad the situation is you will always find the way out if you have faith and strength.

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