That special moment when a rainbow heart is blown by a blue whale


Tanakit, a photographer, had great luck to take a pic a beautiful blue whale washing its blowhole.

The way the sun’s rays and raindrops fell, nevertheless, gave the impression that the cutie was blasting a rainbow-colored heart.

He had spent the day diving and going on a tour of the region near Sri Lanka while swimming with whales.

He was overjoyed to take an extremely unique pic above the ocean after taking submerged photos of himself with the largest animals on the planet.

„For me, the pics are a dream of mine that came true,“ he stated “. „I’d always dreamed to swim with blue whales, and it was an incredible experience.“

„The whales were swimming by quite rapidly, and we only have seen every one for a few secs before it swam away, so I was extremely fortunate.“

„If I had the opportunity, I’d go back over and over again.“ I was on a ship in the Maldives and realized Sri Lanka wasn’t far, so we made the decision to go keep exploring.“

„We wanted to investigate the region in seek of blue ones, the world’s largest living creatures.“

„The size is really beyond my fevered fantasies, and this pic was so fortunate because it caught the breath that glanced like a rainbow,“ recounts the fortunate photographer.

„The photographs are like a realization of a dream for me.“ I’d always wanted to swim with them, and it was an absolute blast.

„I’m honored to be able to document and share such precious moments with the globe.“

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