The famous star’s beloved pit bull already has her own cozy apartment


The famous chef just adores her pitbull named Bella. Rachel loves her little friend so much that the dog even recently got her own apartment.

They recently shared a video tour of dog’s apartment on its Instagram page. It’s just the perfect little place for a dog to have a great time.

That’s how they came up with that idea. The thing is, Ray and her husband have a villa in Italy and when they bought it, they decided to keep Bella in mind while building it. Therefore, during the design, a special area was set aside for their dog.

They wanted to organize everything so that it would be as comfortable as possible for the dog.And everything turned out just great. The small apartment has a kitchen, a living room and a very comfortable bed for a sweet girl.

Bella feels great in her apartment, always waiting for her mom to bring her delicious food.It is so nice to see these wonderful pups living their best life.

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