A shelter dog tries to hold the paw of everyone who passes by his kennel


Speck wanted to be loved and appreciated. And even though he was a kennel of the Bullock County Humane Society, you couldn’t ignore him.

And although he was in this shelter for a year, nothing has changed in his attitude. He expressed his boundless love.

No one can stand her love, especially when she approaches the cage and the poor man puts his head in the bars and holds out his hand to her.

According to the shelter director, the dog just wants people to love him and for people to pet him and hold his hand patte.Il loves human attention so much that even other animals or toys cannot distract him.

When he looks at people, he is not interested in anything else. He needs any kind of affectionate contact.

The shelter decided to take a photo of the dog and spread it on the Internet to show people how much he loves her.

And all this changed Speck’s life.

Ally’s Hope For Paws Dog Rescue saw this dog to help him find a family. They chose the ideal house for the dog.

The adopters have a 26-hectare farm and two dogs, who will soon be Speck’s siblings.

Here, Speck will finally get the love and warmth he deserves.

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