A blind kitten sits in a parking lot every day, waiting for someone to guide her


Hope For Paws received a call about a stray blind cat that needed immediate medical attention.

When they arrived, they found the kitten sitting alone in the parking lot. Since he could not see, the rescuers were able to pull him out.

Because the kitten’s eyes were so bad that they rushed him to the vet and planned to come back for the rest of the kitten’s family.

They decided to name this sweet kitten Kenshi.

Unfortunately, his eyes were injured and torn by the cat’s herpes and he could not be saved. Kenshi then underwent successful surgery to remove them.

Two days later, the rescuers returned to look for her and her sisters. They brought her brothers, Ryden and Kung Lao, to the vet to find Kenshi.

They were happy to see each other again, they comforted him a lot after the operation.

Ryden and Kung Lao are still looking for an eternal home.

Kenshi, now called Cherry, has since adopted a loving family with another blind man, Charlie.

They are both very good friends and are already best friends. She even has two sisters and a sister who help protect her.

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