The dog found a newborn in the basket and put it in his mouth


This incredible story took place in the Brazilian city of Campinas. This case surprised us all!

On the one hand, this is a vivid example of the mother’s inhuman cruelty. On the other hand, this is a vivid example of the fact that dogs are our angels on Earth.

In the poor neighborhood of Campinas, people noticed a red dog. He walked past the garbage cans and held a completely newborn baby in his teeth! The child was still a newborn and completely helpless.

Her mother threw her in the garbage, and a homeless dog found her and took her to people’s homes.

With a baby in his mouth, the red-haired bastard walked over to the nearest house. She was noticed by one of the tenants of the house. The woman was shocked, but she immediately rushed to remove the baby from her mouth.

The woman expected the worst, but the girl was alive! The red dog carried the child very gently and carefully, without harming him at all, and carefully hugged the woman.

The child was taken to the hospital, where he was treated. The doctors assured the woman that the girl was fine and that she was completely healthy.

The police are looking for the biological mother of the newborn who committed this heinous act. And the red dog became the heroine of her city.

Her name was Angela, the locals consider her a true guardian angel..

Many wanted to adopt heroin, but she loves freedom too much or her mission isn’t over yet, and she wants to keep saving lives on the road.

The locals feed and care for her regularly.

This story teaches us a lesson again.

The homeless dog turned out to be more humane and smarter than this child’s biological mother.

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