After 11 years of wandering the streets, a deaf dog has eventually found a forever family!


My heart is overjoyed that the deaf dog has been saved. The ordinary doggie lives between 10 and 13 years, but this poor one named Solo has been on the streets of LA without a home for almost a decade!

Solo was deaf, skinny, and old, and he crumbled on a woman’s veranda because he was too exhausted and weak to stroll.

When the woman noticed him, she gave him the name Solovino, which means in Spanish „he came alone.“

She consulted Rocket Dog Sanctuary for help, and he was transferred to San Francisco and placed with a foster home.

Nevertheless, the nurturers may assume that he can’t hear and is old enough to be a hardship, so they accepted and then neglected him repeatedly.

Carol saw a pic of him online and realized she had to rescue him. She is cognizant of how frustrated and sorrowful he has been, and she desires she could be with him.

She swiftly understood that he was deaf and when someone caressed him, he wasn’t at ease because he couldn’t hear them approaching.

He also suffers from agony due to a dental issue.

Fortunately, she helped him with an operation to fix his teeth. She also voiced her affection for the doggie, and the greatest feature was that he progressively gained her faith and confidence.

He popped up to be youthful and happier! Love has a tremendously emotional impact.

Messina, thanks for letting this cutie remmeber he is adored!

I’m so glad you’re in a happy home, sweetheart!!! Have fun with your new life!

God bless you and thank you for providing a lot of love forever home for this kid!

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