The four-year-old doggie who had been abandoned outside is now adored by his new family!


I am overjoyed for this fur baby; he is stunning. What a relief to hear his good news; all creatures deserve to be loved!

I truly hope that those who do not care about animals do not cure them brutally; the dumped doggie was found in a miserable situation tied to a tree on a farm in central Georgia earlier this year.

He appeared to have been starving to death after going 4 years without food, a pillow, or any other form of global warming safety, to the spot where he had a serious [injury] from being tied to his neck and only 11kg left, mimicking skeleton skin!

Some people who were enraged by the brutality filed a [grievance against] the owner of the dog and decided to share it on social networks, along with heart-wrenching photos!

Many individuals are outraged by these [cruel and barbaric actions] and m hoping that the doggie will be able to find some other loving home!

Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc arrived on the scene as soon as possible to rescue the dog, dubbed „Cocaine“ by his previous owner.

The Pit Bull has [deworming disease], a [bloodsucking condition] that induces [inflammation] of the heart and arteries.

This is troubling, but as a consequence of the treatment, he is now perfectly healthy.

The doggie has been renamed „Superstar“ in honor of his valorous battle with his [horribly sad] history!

He’s now in a warm bed instead of the frozen ground, feeding well, and no [chain stores] will attach him!

The most latest Hero photo shows his development. The doggie has evolved into a gentle, compassionate, and obedient character, and he always treats other animals with dignity.

Congrats! This loveful doggie is ecstatic about his home!

Applaud you for rescuing this valuable sweetie and caring for him so much; he will return the favor!

God bless his heart, he shouldn’t have been chained up in the first place, and he is so content to be free of those and in a loving caring home.

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