A gigantic Sperm Whale manages to survive a 20-hour rescue attempt to swim another day


After having met a massive sperm whale, a gang of fishers will never neglect this day, states thepetneed.

They came to know they would have to put in a lot of hard work when they saw the 65-foot-long whale, which was trapped about 750 meters from the beach’s shoreline of Zhejiang, a Chinese province.

He was in a terrible condition and required human beings to aid him and give him second chance at life.

People couldn’t believe they could make it. But they did not lose their hope and kept fighting for its life.

Fortunately, assistance was offered by the local fishery headquarters.

Hundreds of buckets of water were flung at the whale to give him chance to survive for more than twenty hours during the rescue attempt.

Many boats were then able to drag the huge creature back into the water! It was a great achievement!

The video below is one of the best rescue videos; don’t miss it! View the video below.

They did a fantastic job indeed. Rescuing such a huge creature is really incredibly tough.

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