The pup was dumped at the gas station by his disaffected owners


The Furry States zoo participant had no idea that a journey to the gas station would result in the rescue of a beagle pup.

It all began when the girl discovered a basket near a gas station, publishes positive-info.

A dog was discovered in the basket, the source of which the staff members of the gas station could not explain.

Also included was a black bag with a lengthy note: «Toshka, was born at the end of January. Cleaned, vaccinated.

2 injections of 25. Give in the sanctuary, like a corgi, no returns! Burying costs a lot of money»

Awareness! Not a corgi!! Mongrel!!! Takes food and destroys tables and chairs! Eats everything, especially bread and chicken bones!

Please take him to the sanctuary! He could also serve as an ideal security officer in a country estate.

A bag and 200 rubles as a present!!!» She took the doggie home after being hit by the lack of responsibility of the puppy’s previous owners.

The pooch was extremely hungry and ate in quantities that an adult one would not normally consume.

He made it through the journey to the restroom as coolly as he could.

Novi, the dog’s name, was scheduled for an investigation at the clinic the following day.

When the physician decided that the baby had no serious issues, he took him to the sanctuary.

The pooch attempted to locate its mom in every older dog at the sanctuary. Workers agreed Novi was taken from his mom too soon.

Novi has eventually found a home in the sanctuary. He is extremely reliant on the opinion of others, frequently turning to helpers and staff as if to request, «Am I doing everything right?»

Most probably, the pooch will be able to move to his new home shortly, where his lack of a type of dog will not be an issue.

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