A pup stuck in a concrete canal sincerely thanks the guy who aided him out of the water and brought him to safeness with a cuddle


Said works as a trash collector in Mexico, a difficult but frequently overlooked job.

Nevertheless, this has apparently switched. A doggie trapped in a waterway that he saved without hesitation earned praise and heartfelt gratitude.

While driving near a farm lately, he observed a scene that completely captivated his focus: a doggie struggling to escape a tangible canal.

As he told The Dodo: „I saw something shifting in the water and after some time I noticed it was a doggie.“ My buddy was warned by me to stop.

After acting quickly, the guy took an empty container that the doggie could use to help himself out of the waterway.

Regardless of the fact that the pup was quite flimsy from the moment he had spent trying to stay head above water, he persisted until he was capable of pulling the doggie out of the water.

The pup gave the most lovable expression of gratitude to the guy after the dude was capable of pulling him out of the water and rescuing his life.

He launched himself into my hands. When he shared the video via Facebook, the reaction was immediate.

„I’m here in the world for a specific reason,“ he says in the description of the video. Only God knows how I managed to rescue him.

I’m sure he appreciated me.“ He wondered if it was an unfortunate incident because the doggie appeared to have a lovely family and to pertain to a neighboring farm.

„He cheerily came home after that,“ he added. Share this sweet story with your friends and family to make their day better and brighter.

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