A wild black bear nonchalantly attends a family picnic and orders PB&J sandwiches


A family on holiday in a distant forest of Maryland encountered a cordial black bear who chose to join them for a cookout.

A black bear can be seen sitting on the rim of the picnic bench in Kaitlyn Nesbit’s amazing TikTok clip.

He was waiting coolly and attentively for a peanut butter sandwich, which one of the guys fed him directly from his hand.

Nesbitt was among those who gasped in incredulity as they witnessed the minute in Deep Creek, near where her fam is remaining in a house.

The group kept making food for the guest, who was seated alongside them as if he were one of the group.

‚This was a buddy’s cottage, and they stated that the bear is always present but never annoys them,‘ he explained.

‚Because some of our gang is used to being out in nature, we were all instructed not to make any sharp turns and to remain where we were.‘

‚Most of us were terrified and videoed from the balcony, but the courageous took a chance.‘

The bear appeared from the trees in search of food before rejoining a group of 4 men and a woman who were having a cookout on one of the chairs.

The gang was drinking and snacking while anxiously staring at the ravenous animal who was waiting for its meal.

One of the men made the decision to grab a slice of bread while pointing his fingers and saying the animal to wait while he prepares the sandwich, much like a doggie would.

Spectators can be heard saying in the video, ‚This is a f*****g joke, correct?‘ We were thinking the same thing!

When the sandwich is finished, the man places it in front of him, who gradually takes it from his grasp.

They even concealed the food of beers in case the animal spotted a cold beverage.

‚Ultimately, the momma just started to walk back into the forest,‘ he explained.

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