An elephant with a lame leg who was made to work is now free and fearless


Kabu the animal has had a difficult life. Despite being hurt in a calf, she was forced to engage in illegal logging commerce.

Lek, the creator of the Save Elephant Founding, became aware of her sufferings. She set out to locate her after seeing her situation.

The lame elephant started working high in the Thai hills, and she could see anxiety and confusion in the animal’s eyes when she encountered her.

She was injured as a baby when she was compelled to follow her mom as she worked towing logs out of the woods.

When a log started rolling down the mountain and squashed her leg, she was injured. Even though it didn’t fully heal, she was still compelled to work.

She was able to arrange her release, and proposals were soon ongoing to return her to the Elephant Country Park.

„After weeks of planning and two days of looking for the forest, we were able to save the elephant,“ The Elephant Nature Park notes.

„It was a 24-hour round journey from Tak region in West Thailand to Elephant Nature Preserve in Chiang Mai.“

She has a new beginning in which she will no longer be mistreated. We and the volunteer groups are very grateful for this freed elephant and grateful for the opportunity to give her a fresh start.“

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