Photographer сaptures a gorgeous great grey owl melding excellently into a tree


This iconic moment occurred when a photographer looking for a magnificent grey owl came upon one that was flawlessly hidden from view and melded into the tree’s bark.

James S. Batuigas, 45, of Canada, discovered the bird after moving 5 hours to his preferred nature photography location in British Columbia woods.

„I was going to look for the great grey owl that same day,“ He says to the Daily Mail.

„I was speeding down the road looking for great grey ones, perusing every tree in the hope of finding one during the midday, when they generally relax.“

Then, out of the side of my eye, I observed something moving in the tree trunk, and that’s when I noticed it was the bird, which had cleverly melded in with the tree’s trunk.“

According to him, if the bird had not turned its head to gaze at him, he would not have realized it because its color and structure melded in so well with the tree it was seated on.

The great grey owl (Strix nebulosa), which can grow to be 33 inches long, is the world’s largest bird lifeform (84cm).

The white collar (also known as the „bow-tie“) under the bird’s face aids in identifying the organisms, which are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

According to the Owl Research Center, the colors of a bird’s feathers „aid it to fit in with the natural surroundings and, of course, help it stay warm.“

The Owl Research Facility notes, „The colors of a bird’s feathers assist it to meld in with the natural surroundings and keep it warm.“

„Owls‘ fur colors aren’t the only factor that aids them to blend in. They have other methods of concealment.

„Many owls stand strong and squeeze their feathers in firmly, making them skinnier and more difficult in seeing.“

„When attempting to hide, they start raising the whitish fur enclosing the bill.“

Owls‘ exceptional camouflage abilities permit them to hide from both prey species and eager wildlife photographers.

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