When they broke both of his front legs and abandoned him, the pup begged for help from random people


Chewie the Yorkie was abandoned in Santa Ana Park in California.

Notwithstanding having both front feet totally broken, the tiny pup smiled at random people and concealed his suffering in the hopes that someone would assist him.

ilovemydogsomuch reports that after a few days of pain and misery, he was eventually saved by OC Animal Care workers.

X-rays taken at the clinic revealed that his broken legs were healing in a flexed position.

This supposed that the poor dog had been injured for a few weeks but his owner had neglected to take him to the doctor.

It’s feasible that the owner broke his leg and abandoned him. His legs were repaired after a tough operation by the doc.

The recovery from the surgical procedure was unquestionably challenging, but the skinny boy confirmed to be a fierce warrior!

He had complete faith in his helpers, and just a week later, he was cheerfully walking on the grass, despite the fact that he was still in a cast!

He was embraced soon after he recovered completely!

His new mom is over the moon in love with him, as are his living thing and dog siblings.

Congratulations, sweetheart! He has won our souls with his defenseless smile and upbeat personality!

See how sorrowful he acknowledges his unfortunate luck with a smile and achieves his joyful ending in the video above!

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