The mother gave birth to twins and left the hospital alone with her son: she didn’t need her daughter — she was ugly


When Ekaterina was pregnant, she was like all pregnant women, everything was fine with her, until the day she went to the hospital earlier, since it was she who was expecting the twins.

She gave birth early and couldn’t stand the pain. Eventually, after a few hours, the first child was born and a few minutes later the second was born.

Fortunately, they were both healthy, but one of the children had a large mole on his cheek. The woman took him in her arms and looked with disgust at her own son.

She was her newborn daughter. She gave it to the midwife and she hasn’t even seen it. She then she took her son in her arms and hugged him with love.

The midwives did not understand what was happening, because the woman had a behavior that was anything but beautiful. In the morning, the woman abandoned her daughter.

She said she would raise them alone and she didn’t want such a girl. She was normal if she were a boy, but she doesn’t want such an ugly girl.

They also said that you can remove the mole from her cheek, but she didn’t want to.

But the next day, the girl’s uncle came to her and took her away because he didn’t want to leave her there.

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