A pup that had almost forgotten how to walk was saved by kindhearted people


Lizka, a Polish pup, had a tough start in life. The pup’s owner did not wish to raise her, nourish her, or give a damn for her in any manner.

As a result, he imprisoned her in an old rusted barn, publishes positive-info. It was where the doggie grew up.

This way of life harmed the dog’s bones, causing it to be unable to move, and because the chamber was rarely washed, she became ill frequently.

Luckily, helpers from one of the refuges became involved in the puppy’s destiny. The poor doggie was rescued by the non-profit venture OTOZ Animals from the Polish town of Gdynia.

A court charge was decided to open against the holder due to the efforts of helpers.

Staff members at the sanctuary are astounded that the doggie hasn’t given up on people.

She treats every walk as if it were a vacation. When she sees her rescue workers, she runs, tosses, and continuously wags her tail.

She is now a perfect dog and a loyal friend of a human, having finally been acquainted.

She had quickly consumed her fear of people. The only significant problem is with the health of a young doggie.

Her rear paws are not yet fully functional. Every day, the shelter staff gently rub her. When the doggie recovers, they will most likely find her a lasting loveful family.

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