An old woman found a small kitten on the street and took it to her house, as she thought


This incident happened in Ozersk a few years ago. After seeing a kitten on the street, a grandmother took him home and offered him dairy products.

After all this, the cat’s unusual size wasn’t surprising. The cat was very close to the animal and behaved like his nephew ․

Once, when the woman was not at home, thieves entered the house, but her lawyer saw him and jumped on the people.

One of the thieves died instantly, the cat bit the pulse of sleep.

The second survived, but appeared in the intensive care unit, and the third managed to escape.

When the police arrived on the scene, they were shocked to see that the attacker was just a cat. But he wasn’t really a cat, but a wild manul.

It is not usually possible to train these animals, but this woman was able to do so thanks to her natural dairy products and her big heart.

He was very fond of this beast, but it was not known how it entered the human habitation.

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