When they discovered a three-legged dog that had been used as a bait dog and then dumped, they broke down in tears


Juniper the Pit Bull was discovered as a disused bait dog in California. Her body was covered in strike injuries, and her teeth had been filed down to the point where she couldn’t protect herself, publishes ilovemydogsomuch.

The owners of the dog wrestling ring had tormented the 9-year-old pup her entire life. He was offered sanctuary and assistance in regaining her health by a local animal shelter.

Maggie, a 27-year-old Seattle woman, quickly stepped forward to embrace him. She wished for the best for the doggie.

Sadly for him, fortune was not on his side. He struggled with a spinal stroke and became crippled from the waist down only 5 months after being embraced.

She spent a year undergoing treatments and rehabilitation therapies before regaining nerve function.

However, one of her legs had to be surgically removed due to complications.

He had also become sick, necessitating the use of puppy diapers at all times.

She was on a high dose of antibiotics and frequently got infectious diseases.

His life was cruel from every angle, but the woman rejected to stand by and watch the doggie suffer.

She got him a wheelchair and motivated him to enjoy life again.

She noticed a significant difference in her since she got her wheelchair.

The senior dog found her adventurous and began exploring the environment around her with a newly found freshness for life!

She is now a cheerful young lady who is always on the move with a grin on her face.

She has chosen to leave her suffering behind and only add up her graces after heading through so much in her life.

We are grateful to the lady for being the light who assisted this poor thing in blossoming despite the challenges in her life!

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