11 Beautiful years of friendship between Lion and Caretaker who saved him!


He rescued him when he was only a newborn 🦁❤️

What a beautiful friendship between this man and Lion.😊💗

This is the heartwarming story of 11 years of friendship between a lion and his beloved caretaker…!

Frikkie Von Solms has spent his whole life taking care of wild cats in South Africa, and at least 11 of those years taking care of Zion.

During those years, the pair have formed a strong friendship, becoming the best of friends!

Zion is a gentle, tender loving African lion who was born in [cap.tiv.ity] but was [sepa.rated] when his father [threa.tened] his life.

He, therefore, needed someone to be there for him, as a parental figure, and this is where Von Solms stepped up.

He was born in [cap.tiv.ity], he was unable to be released back into the wild, so Von Solms adopted him as a newborn cub.

In his new caretaker’s protection, he turned into a little softie, a gentle giant, as he was surrounded by love and safety.
Von Solms said: Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans, and I trust him completely.

The pair are so close that they share a bed and a truck!
He wants to show that although lions can be [dan.gerous], some of them are just big softy’s…!

A heartwarming moment. Awesome kindness is never forgotten🙏🏼

Wonderfully amazing warmth between lion & carer! 🤗♥️

Beautiful and brilliant, what an amazing man such compassion to raise this lion and still be devoted 11 yes later ❤🐾🦁🐾

Amazing privilege to rescue a lion cub and be able to raise him and be friends forever.

Thank you for taking care of our wild animals, here on earth.❤

It warms my heart to know there are still caring, loving animal people in the world.

May you have many more years together…!

May God continue to bless them both!☺❤🙏 Bless them both💖🙏

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