When horses run to welcome a young boy, his day is made


It is not unusual for kids to form bonds with living creatures they see on a daily basis.

These bonds are typically formed between a kid and their pet dog or cat, but kids can find a relationship in unexpected places.

The son of @mrspaulmessens is initiated in the incredible video. He’s struck up an unusual companionship with some native horses!

We see a young boy waiting in front of a white fence, leaning forward and calling the horses.

As Tim McGraw’s „The Cowboy in Me“ is playing in the background, 3 horses start trundling across the ground, arriving over to say hello to their dear friend.

The boy claps as they walk over, mildly backing up once they approach the gate.

Two of the animals are light brown, and one is dark. All of them dwarf the kid in size, but he’s clearly used to it.

He observes the animals as they slow down and stroll alongside the gate. From the right, one of the horses pokes his head over the gate and reaches the kid.

The kid approaches the animal to cuddle him, but he is unable to achieve, so the mare lessens his face and licks the child’s hand.

The brown horse has also arrived to say hi. It’s adorable to see how this boy interacts with these animals.

Even though he can’t indeed very reach them, he still wants to see his four-legged mates.

We’re confident that their connection will only strengthen as he grows tall enough to pet them.

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