Sad Kitty With Special Paws Walks Up To Woman And Begs Her To Take Him Home


Meet Scooter, a stray kitten who was born in Elkhart, Indiana. Sadly, the kitty has a set of deformed paws which makes it hard for him to walk and navigate, writes aubtu

Scooter, however, never quits wishing for a kind human that would be happy to accept him. However instead of waiting, Scooter chose to locate a forever home by himself.

And so, he walked into a woman’s backyard and began meowing as loud as he could.

The woman heard some noises and she rushed to check. She saw the little kitten wandered in her yard asking for some help.

She immediately brought him within and after that took him to the closest vet’s office.

The vets said that Scooter was born with shortened ligaments in his feet, which is what caused his feet to kip down. Also, they located that he had a respiratory infection along with his eye infection.

After he was provided with the medical assistance he desperately needed, Scooter began to recover. Once the kitty began feeling better, he will be ready to be adopted.

Fortunately, a kind pair who had two other cats decided to adopt Scooter and give him a happy home. Thank you so much to Natalie and Anthony for adopting this special boy!

Scooter refused to let his special paws quit him from doing everything he wanted to do.

He likes having fun with his foster siblings, and he was also a big follower of having fun with toys.

He rules the house and even tries to steal his brother’s food!

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