A dumped and vulnerable dog has been lying motionless in a cold ditch for days, receiving no help and support from people


Açucena here! This poor doggie was lying in plain view in the middle of the highway in one of the most horrific cases of stray dogs in history, and, given her genetic defect, had been there for a looooong period.

It’s a secret how human brutality has progressed to this point. „I was touched to tears by this particular instance.

It crushed my heart to see her lying in the hot sun in the drain pipe.

„She was sleeping in the gutter because she didn’t have anywhere else to nap,“ asserts the Abrigo Au family participant who discovered her.

Her skin was swollen and painful and her body was harsh. She was terrified and attempted to flee, but the heat of a pleasant participant ceased her.

She was taken aback. There are so many stores and people who pass by. Nobody came to her aid. How can they act as if she doesn’t exist? How might they dismiss all of this pain?

,,I feel so powerless in the face of such disinterest, brutality, overlook, and financial insecurity.

Even so, I couldn’t muster the strength to leave her isolated.“ The participant elaborated.

,,I’m not sure, but we believe she will heal. And I’m appreciative she did. She will not be hungry, she will not sleep outside, and she will not come in the rain. Açucena is the title I gave her!“

She went to the clinic with everybody’s assistance to be examined. She is an old critter who is in discomfort as a result of rejection.

Her liver and spleen were also expanded. Açucena will be in the hospital for at least another 30 days.

She is extremely ill, unable to stand or eat.

She made significant progress in just 20 days. She has changed dramatically in less than a month and earned to begin a new happy and healthy life.

Is this girl still recognizable? Azucena. Look at how lovely and adorable she is!

Thank you very much to the Abrigado Au Household for their assistance!

Watch the entire story in the clip above and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family!

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