A little boy walks two miles alone to rescue a dying pup


One day, a South African child travelled 3 kilometers alone to save his pet.

The youngster is only 13 years old. He resides in Delft, one of Cape Town’s poorer districts.

When the child saw his doggie had quit consuming and had bloody diarrhea, he went in search of assistance.

He walked two kilometers into town to an animal protection group that cares for local felines and dogs.

A rescue group staffer contacted and stated „She was really emaciated, and the youngster informed us he did not have sufficient funds to feed her.

We assured him we would do everything we could to rescue her life and find her a caring new home where she could be cared for.

We were happy that he brought her to us so that we could assist her.

Nanouk, the pup, came discovered to be sick from parvovirus, a lethal condition that she would not have lived without therapy.

She was routinely approached by other cats from the rescue to maintain her spirits high.

,,I believe it was a mix of the babies and the fact that one of us was always at her side, providing her with connection and motivation.“ Stöckigt explained.

Her rescuers are seeking for a loveful home for him. She was on the verge of death if she didn’t eat.

We are extremely grateful for this young guy’s kind soul, which saved her life!

She wants to find a permanent home soon!

Please feel free to tell your relatives and friends about Nanuk’s story!

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