Although he does not stop smiling at those who visit the shelter they have rejected him for 9 years


Everyone in life needs to feel that we are loved, and animals are no exception, but sadly some human beings fail to understand that need and abandon their pets and worse still, there are those who hurt them.

That’s what happened to Max, an adorable furry friend who was rescued in Georgia and brought to a shelter in New Jersey when he was about a year old.

When she arrived at the shelter, the staff realized that the beginning of her life was not an easy one. Max had been found with pellets embedded in his hind legs , it was clear that this poor pup had been mistreated.

The entire staff hoped that Max would be quickly adopted by a family that loved him like never before.

But it didn’t, and this pup has spent 9 years at the shelter . Rescue staff think Max’s size has scared away families who visit the center looking for a pet.

“Max is a happy boy who is smiling from ear to ear,” said Paul Barish, a volunteer with Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Max has always been a pretty big dog , and dogs of his breed are sometimes judged to be unloving, but appearances are deceiving, and despite seeming like a dog with a strong personality, he is very sweet and gentle. Everyone at the shelter calls him “Max the Mush.”

“Since I met him, he completely stole my heart . He can be stubborn, but he is a quiet and playful boy,” added Paul.

Max may weigh 90 pounds, but he often behaves like a little puppy who just wants to play and be loved.

Shelter staff hoped his personality would be enough to catch the attention of a family , but time and time again he was ignored.

Max has spent most of his life in the shelter, and that is beginning to affect him in a negative way. All he wants is to belong to a home that loves him and where he lives the rest of his days.

“Max has handled life in the shelter very well, but so many years living in the center is taking its toll on him and it’s very stressful for him,” Paul said.

Max is a very sweet dog, he knows very well what loyalty is, any family would be lucky to have him. All the staff agree that the proper home for Max is outside the shelter.

“The best place for Max would be a quiet, child-free home with a patient and experienced owner to help him put the stressful life in the shelter behind him,” Paul said.

Ideally, Max should be the only pet in the household.

Max loves to drive, run, play and take a good nap, his joy in life is magical, and he just wants to be able to share that with a loving family.

Like the shelter staff, we too believe that the perfect family for Max is out there somewhere.

She shares her story to help him find her very soon.

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