A pregnant dog who was hit and run while fighting in the bushes
A young girl named Moksha witnessed a pregnant dog being beaten and run, ilovemydogsomuch writes. The poor expectant mother was left struggling in the bushes.
This beauty is left alone at the door and she is so sad
The surprises are quite big. Especially when the surprise is a gift. What could be better than a surprise gift? SHANK SURPRISE! Do not agree?
He has been chained for more than 10 years, he did not understand why
It is horrible to think that there are people in the world who will do anything to insult one of our furry animal friends, dog full writes.
Gray whale mother lifts her calf out of the water to be fed by the boat
We all enjoy touring areas, especially the turquoise-blue oceans, as well as places with sea animals. The charm of the sea can not be described even in words.
A stray mother dog gets upset when she sees a man trapping his only puppy in the net
Oreo, the Pit Bull-Dachshund mix, was abandoned and lived on the streets for some time. A local man was always feeding her and looking for her, but Oreo
On the front balcony, on a chair, was an old dog, the flies were swarming
The Humane Society of the United States has attacked property in Kingman County, Kansas, for allegedly collecting or abusing animals. And when they got
Neighbors hear a puppy crying next door, find someone kept outside in a bird cage
In Serbia, some people heard a puppy crying next to a dog and wondered what was going on. So they called the Dog Rescue Shelter, which arrived at the scene
He has never been touched by a human, but watch as they begin to shave him
Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog that has never had human contact. They knew it would be hard to catch him, but necessary for his survival.
The woman asks if the dog can be chained for at least 10 years
Ralph was chained outside his home for 10 years to sleep only on hard ground, fed on the rest of the family. Then a kind woman met the dog and asked if
Veteran’s service dog is given away while he’s in ICU, he wakes up devastated
Larry is a veteran and Sandy Girl is his emotional support dog. Two of them were in a car accident, after which Larry was taken to hospital, where he spent