After saving 16 pets, a homeless man has been nicknamed a „Guardian Angel“


Lifesaver heroes can emerge from nowhere at any moment; they are always willing to help others in need and do it not asking anything in return; they do it because they care and are worried about their neighbors.

A fire in an animal shelter in Atalanta nearly killed many pets, but Keith Walker, a homeless man, rushed to the scene and saw what was happening and hurried to save all of them.

On December 18, Mr. Walker was on his way to take his pit bulldog, Bravo, for a stroll when the accident happened.

He noticed a fire in the kitchen of the W-Underdogs shelter, and ran inside, putting his life on the table, to save 16 pets in need.

This shelter is a non-profit company committed to the rescue of animals bereft. Because they were raising funds and goods, no one was in the area at the time of the accident.

Luckily, Mr. Walker came to the aid and helped in the release of six canines and ten caged kittens. „With that much smoke, I was frightened to enter.“

Keith, who has been houseless since he was 13, said to CNN. Lord, on the other hand, chose me to aid those sweeties. If you adore a dog, you can love everyone in the world.“

„My dog is my soul-warming friend, and without him, I wouldn’t be here,“ he added, „so I knew I had to protect all those other pets.“

Despite the fact that city firemen arrived rapidly and extinguished the flames, the house was already unfit to stay in. As per the examination, the fire was triggered by an electrical problem.

In a CNN interview, the founder of this shelter Gracie Hamlin praised Keith as her „guardian angel,“ stating, „Even the firemen were worried about touching the pups.“

They phoned animal control, but Keith had already arrived at the scene and was taking the pets from the building until everyone was secure.“

„I cannot thank you enough for rescuing my pets,“ Grace stated. Because I’ve been around flames before and I’m very well aware of how rapidly they can ignite, I’m still stoned. He is my lifesaver hero.“

The animals were able to be moved since the refuge was only a few weeks away from relocating.

The building might be quickly renovated to give a roof for the pets despite the fact that the amenities were not yet ready.

Because of the situation, a movement was launched to seek urgent help and speed up the site’s adaptation. Many citizens have offered supplies and food in order to aid the creatures.

Gracie posted on Facebook: „First and foremost, these cuties need care and forever families. Please think about welcoming them to your family this Christmas.“

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