The family threw their dog out because they did not like his appearance


His family threw him at the door of the High-Kill shelter, but fate has other plans for him.

This story tells about an 8-week-old pit bull, who, thanks to his gaze, was handed over to a big murder shelter.

But the 4th paws of his career are destined to give him a second chance.

Rescuer Nicole Horabik of North Carolina Cause 4 Paws decided to intervene by seeing her adoption ad online.

He immediately visited the dog, who was born with a blind left eye and half a right ear, to bring him home.

Nicole called the dog Captain Morgan posted her story on Facebook so people would understand how to treat dogs. The dog’s health was almost perfect, despite its hernia bite: bite.

An 11-year-old boy ran into the street to save a wounded dog that was hit by a car

The lovely dog was ready to make friends with Nicole’s other helpless dogs. Fortunately, Captain Morgan finally found an eternal home. How lucky!

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