The farm dog is locked in a cage like a scarecrow to ward off birds in the hot sun


In this story we are looking for a rescuer who walks in a huge area of a sown area on a hot day, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Right in the middle of the field, we see a lone white dog trapped in a small metal cage-raised from the ground.

While it is obvious that this young dog is being used as a guard dog to remove unwanted birds and animals, the apparent apathy for his daily suffering is very disturbing.

This poor little boy is tied to a bead for hours a day without eating or drinking water. He is trapped in that dirty cage like a bird with zero prosperity.

The saddest fact is that several local dogs have to behave in the same way as field dogs. This miserable ritual is so normalized that farmers do not see anything wrong with the pain they inflict on these helpless dogs.

For them, dogs are not companions of love, but simply useful animals to ensure „cheap safety“ – to optimize crop production.

Fortunately, the sweet dog was rescued and removed from this cruel situation. Not surprisingly, he suffered from anemia and lice.

While this dog may be safe, many like him are left to rot in the fields
every day.

Animal rights activists believe that raising awareness and promoting animal welfare laws could improve the living conditions of dogs on the country’s farm.

Let us unite and make it known that the world condemns this violating practice. Distribute and help save these innocent souls.

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