With the help of the brave Pitbull, a starving German shepherd was saved on the verge of death


Dogs are great friends, but they can also be wonderful, helpful workers. They provide a range of services to our society, whether for operational search and rescue purposes, as service animals, or for various other responsibilities.

An animal rescue company called No Eliminate Kern has a pit bull named Lucy.

She’s not just a pet or a friend, Lucy is a good member of their team.

Lucy helps save a German shepherd.

No Kill Kern received a phone call about a stray dog left alone in the area. After hearing about this, the group set out to rescue them, Lucy came.

Given that Lucy has a greater sense of smell than the human team members, she has played a key role in helping them find the desolate dog. Lucy led the team straight to the poor dog who had been fired from the field.

If the No Eliminate Kern did not have a useful pit bull-like Lucy, they would never have been able to identify an abandoned family dog.

Finding an abandoned German shepherd.

Unfortunately, the desolate dog seemed to be afraid of people. When he saw the team coming, he ran away as fast as he could. Most likely, this inadequate woman has been hurt or abused by people in the past.

Found to help an abandoned German guard.

Since the abandoned dog is terrified of individuals, the group certainly needs to be creative if it is to save them. After thinking about it, they decided to create a kind of hunt.

They set up a cage in the middle of the field, just as they had eaten.

The trap worked.

The cage was set up to close when the dog entered. They will certainly still get all the food, but they will certainly be stuck inside for the group to discover.

It would be horrible for the girl, however, in the end, it would certainly help the group save her as she provided the help she needed.

When the woman was inside, a chain was put on her before opening the box. After the calmed down, the German guard was given the sanctuary of the district.

An abandoned German guard is named.

The family dog was called a queen, and as soon as she was in the sanctuary, she was treated the same way. The queen was given toys, food, and a few days to relax in a safe room.

In fact, after a few days, the queen began to calm down, to trust the people around her.

The queen had a friend in the shelter to help her. Lucy Pitbull, who helped find her on the field that day, soon became the Queen’s best friend.

It may have helped to alleviate the Queen’s stress and anxiety by having an extra pet dog around her that felt safe among those individuals.

When the queen was comfortably surrounded by old people, she moved to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue.

Queen completes Pawsitive Modification Program.

„The Pawsitive Modification program aims to help both humans and dogs recover,“ says Marley’s Mutts.

Marley’s Dogs entered the Queen in their Pawsitive Adjustment Program. She graduated, as she was called, Reina.

Marley’s Mutts works with California state prisons to select 24-30 inmates 8-10 endangered sanctuary dogs for each incarceration cycle.

„In 14 weeks, inmates form extremely challenging training blocks that include regular homework as well as individual goals.“

A living house is provided.

After completing the Pawsitive Adjustment Program, he found a new home for his wife, full of love, just like her! Reina is probably very thankful that a practical pit bull named Lucy was there to help her when she needed it most.

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