An abandoned dog cries for months after its owner ties him down the stairs


Stray Rescue of St. Louis heard about an abandoned dog that was not very good. When they arrived, they saw that the dog was living in the worst conditions.

The poor man was starving and dehydrated, he had nowhere to go after being tied up under the stairs.

Olson was furious and hid from the rescuers.

Harijan came out and said that the dog had been abandoned months ago, and asked if he had saved that dog. He later added that he „returned it when it was really cold“.

The rescuers were able to persuade Olson to leave with the help of some entertainment, it was time to get out of that situation to start his new life.

He was taken to a clinic to receive the care he needed before finally receiving his eternal home. A happy ending for Olson, but they would love to know who left this dog to be cared for so cruelly.

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