The woman leaves the dog alone at home to do homework, returns to the irresponsible body


This is not something that many people think about, they even realize, but chips and snack bags are a big cause of dog suffocation when left alone at home.

To draw attention to this, a website called Prevent Pet Suffocation has been set up to teach the masses about this common household item and the dangers it poses to dogs.

The milled lining of certain bags for storing fresh snacks can be especially troublesome as they create a barrier that dogs cannot chew. As dog owners, this is something we need to pay attention to and think about.

Patricia Polako posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook so that others can learn from her family tragedy.

„My daughter Tracey lost her most precious dog to Wasabi – it was a pork bag. He went to his friend to get something, he did not even go for 10 minutes, his roommate called.

He found her at the front door with her bag still on her head. IF HE KNEW J … he did not even think that such a thing could happen. None of us knew !!!! Please share.

Chip bags, zip lock bags left in food, healing bags, yogurt containers, especially YoPlait, cut it all !!!! Do not leave them where puppies and cats can reach them. Our hearts are still broken. Thank you. “

It is better to keep any kind of bag away from pets or closed with closet doors. Help spread the word.

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