A sick starving family of cats is saved from street life


They talked to Hope for Paws about their mother cat, her cat, which was hiding in the backyard, so Joan went to rescue the family members.

As soon as he discovered them, he could tell that they were suffering from cerebral hypoplasia.

This is a condition of development when a part of the mind is not fully developed, it can cause a lack of coordination, it is called „pet cat disorder“.

Most often, it occurs when the mother cat is infected with panleukopenia, when it is expected. Fortunately, it is not life-threatening.

Soon Joan was able to secure one of the cubs, but the mother and her other cub escaped.

Three weeks ago, a woman who was feeding domestic cats found fewer kittens in the bushes, and she has „shocking pet cat syndrome“ in those kittens.

So „Hope for Paws“ can also take this cat.

Joan named them Janice Jopley, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Elton John. With all the other cats safe now, Joanne returned to try to save the other cats, such as her mother.

The mission was successful because both the mother and her baby survived and were named Joan Jet and Stevie Knicks.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Steve (kitten) had feline infectious peritonitis, he was humanly exposed to euthanasia, because this condition is 100% fatal.

It is better to mention that his famous rock siblings are all healthy, they are preparing for your adoption.

If you want to know more about Hope for Paws ‚ amazing work they have done, or if you would like to contribute, click here

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