They record how the little puppy offers his back to his friend to walk around the house


Last summer, The Mia Foundation founder Sue Rogers got a call asking if she could accept the abandoned young bird.

The nest of this little bird was found while the construction crew was working on the ramp of the parking lot, all indications were that its mother had not returned after moving the nest.

You agreed to accept the orphaned young pigeon, whom he named Lavie, expecting him to stay with them for a few weeks before learning to feed and fly.

But every time Syu tried to take Lovi back to the wild, he found her on his terrace a few hours later.

Sean took Lowy home to protect her from the cold as autumn approached. He fully understands that he has complete freedom at home, he can fly wherever he wants, which he adores.

On the other hand, he never showed any interest in other pets until a puppy named Alfie came along.

„Alfie is eight weeks old, but she looks like a newborn dog. Syun noticed. „He has a cleft palate, I’m almost certain he has hydrocephalus, probably a heart problem.“

Under Sue’s care, Alfie not only grew stronger but more adventurous but less than a pound too small to play with the other dogs in the house.

„During the day, Lov flies over the house. I saw that when I lowered the puppy, he immediately went to her.“ He may have confused it with another bird because it’s the same colour and size as him.

Sun continued to say. „It does not communicate at all with the other hairy people in the house.“

Lovie enjoys driving Alfie with a pig or chasing her around the house, spinning quietly, tapping on her skin.

„They are the smallest animals we have, they all need a companion,“ Syu explained.

Syu is overjoyed to see this lovely friendship blossom between the two little animals, „Alfie seems to appreciate the company.

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