The bony pit bull that had been thrown in the trash overnight was still shining in his eyes


The Wichita Animal Action League, fortunately, has eyes and ears all over the city, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

As one of their adopters was taking out his trash, he heard something inside the trash. When he looked inside, his whole body trembled.

Pit Bull was sitting in the trash, locked in his box. The dog, later named Bowie, was just skin and bones. He looked defeated as if he had long since surrendered.

Bowie’s owner did not care what happened to the poor cub, but Bowie’s fortunes were about to change.

Now the kitten had people who would make sure he was okay. The woman who found him called a rescue team, and Bowie was taken to a nearby veterinary clinic. The veterinarian was astonished at his condition; he had no choice but to accept him.

She needed 24-hour care for next week.

Bowie was so brave. He warmed up to everyone around him. He was cautious but kind. A week later, she went to the clinic to live with her foster mother and father. They are experienced in dealing with dogs like Bowie, they take great care of him.

Bowie, most importantly, had to lose weight.

They used slow nutrients so that he would not eat too fast. She was dressed in pyjamas to keep her warm and beautiful. Due to the lack of body fat, Bowie tended to catch a cold and shiver easily. Poor child!

Two months later, Bowie was ready to move into his new foster home. He looked much healthier. She was so excited to meet her new foster mother և father’s Connie: Matt. Connie even made him a welcome home sign.

Bowie cried a little at first, and that, of course, was understandable.

He was in a strange place with strange people. But with persistence and love, Bowie began to associate with Connie Matt. Connie was quite dizzy with Bowie ( Bowie felt the same way).

Two days later, Connie texted her husband, Matt, while he was at work. The text will change Bowie’s life forever. What follows is amazing. You can not miss it.

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing Bowie’s story with all of us. Click “play” in the video below to see for yourself why caregivers and rescue teams are the BEST.

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