A sick stray dog walks to a shelter and finds a comfortable place to sleep


The sick stray dog found the right place to sleep when he wandered into the Humane Society International (HSI) India office.

He was not noticed by the busy staff at first, but when they noticed that he was calmly curled up in a chair, they knew that he was in a serious condition, coheirs writes.

He had a severe case of plague with open wounds around his ears.

They immediately went to get him food and water, but he ran away in astonishment. But the next day he returned to the office and looked for the sofa to sleep on again.

The crew secured the door so he could not escape a second time.

„When I went to pick her up to take her to the doctor, her skin was peeling,“ Alokparna Sengupta, HSI India deputy director, told The Dodo. „But was he an angel? No complaints or stress.

I think fate brought him to the right place, he knew that. “

They named her Perry, and she welcomed the medical care and attention she received.

„He was a very patient and happy dog,“ said Sengupta.

„Immediately after the second day in the boarding house, he trusted the volunteers and took a bath every week. „After he recovered, we realized what a happy, friendly dog he was.“

HSI has ongoing initiatives to help stray and helpless dogs around the world, such as their Street Dog Welfare program, their program to help free dogs caught in the dog meat trade.

Fairy was one of the benefactors who spent three months in their shelter before capturing the attention of a family interested in adopting her.
She spent three months in full recovery before moving in with her new family.

Whether it was fate, coincidence, or Ferry’s ingenuity, he was in the right place to help. And his transformation and life are not remarkable now.

To learn more about HSI their work, visit their website.

Source: dogheirs.com

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