This cat living on a watermelon farm seduces Internet users


This watermelon farm located in Thailand became famous not because of its products, but because of the photos of this cat that once appeared on the Internet and made it famous.

This story was about this cat whose name was Pearl and everyone was especially amazed by her regard.Il watched and took care of farm workers. He has been working for six years, he has never disappointed his owners.

The cat is known not only for its strict appearance, but also for a whole series of small chairs that it keeps at home and in the fields. His owners joke that he chooses his colors according to his mood.

If his stool is red then you have to leave the animal alone, if they are green then he needs to rest. He mainly uses the green chair in the evening.

His main occupation was the garde.Il watch over the watermelons as well as the workers.People were surprised to see it, and the farmers wanted to have a similar animal on their farm.

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